Nett Lake Deli Menu

Breakfast Burrito – $1.99
Delicious ready-made sausage, egg and cheese burrito

Early Risers – $2.29
Breaded egg, bacon and cheese delight

Hash Browns – $1.19
Two golden hash browns served hot and ready

Breakfast Quesadilla – $1.89
Egg and sausage folded up in a crunchy corn tortilla

Sausage and Pancake on a Stick – $2.39
And you thought corn dogs couldn’t get any better. Try this tasty spin on a summer favorite!

Breakfast Sandwich – $2.49
Sausage, egg and cheese on a flaky croissant, perfect breakfast for anyone on the go

Teriyaki Chicken Wrap – $5.39
Chicken strips drizzled with a teriyaki ginger glaze atop a bed of baby spinach and snow peas, all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla

Gyro – $5.47
Lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce folded in pita bread

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap – $3.79
Chicken fajita strips and bacon covered in ranch and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla

Fajita Chicken Wrap – $3.79
Juicy fajita chicken with your choice of fixin’s in a warm flour tortilla

Taco Wrap – $5.89
The name says it all

Tuscan Chicken Wrap – $5.47
Flavors of Italy collide to make an irresistible and delicious wrap

Moroccan Chicken Wrap – $5.29
Take a trip to Morocco without ever leaving your seat

Beef, Bean and Cheese Quesadilla – $1.89
Beef, bean and cheese in a crunchy corn tortilla

Bread Sticks – $1.99
Cheese filled garlic bread sticks

Egg Rolls – $2.99
Your choice of pork or chicken

French Fries – $1.29
Everyone’s favorite fried potato

Jalapeno Poppers – $4.99
Your choice of either cream cheese or cheddar cheese filling

Mini Corn Dogs – $1.79
Bite sized corn dogs!!!

Mozzi Sticks – $3.19
Mozzarella sticks – need we say more?

Jo Jo’s – $2.59
Big slices of potato fried and served hot

Variety Mix (with or without meat) – $4.72
Beer battered chicken strips, mushrooms, mozzarella sticks and onion rings. Or the same above, minus the chicken strips

Seasoned Waffle Fries – $1.29

Cheeseburger Sliders – $4.99
Three mini cheeseburgers

Chicken Sliders – $4.99
Three mini chicken sandwiches

Chicken Drummies, Regular or Beer Battered – $3.99
Delicious first joint drumsticks fried to a golden brown, also available with beer battered breading

Chicken Tenders – $3.29
Three pieces of juicy breaded chicken tenderloin

Popcorn Chicken, Regular or Beer Battered – $2.39
Eight piece order of crunchy bite sized chicken fritters, also available with beer battered breading

Asian Chicken Nuggets – $3.59
Eight pieces of chicken breast meat in a tempura batter deep fried to a golden brown

Four Piece Chicken Dinner – $3.39
One chicken breast, one wing, two drummies, all in one box

Buffalo Bites – $3.89
Do you like spicy? Then our Buffalo Bites are right for you

Buffalo Style Tenders – $3.29
Chicken tenders with buffalo style breading

Cajun Chicken – $3.49
Taste our creole inspired Cajun Chicken

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla – $1.89
Spicy chicken and cheese folded up in a crunchy corn tortilla

Wild Turkey Boneless Wings – $2.69
BBQ delicious

Popcorn Shrimp – $3.00
Get a taste of the sea, right here on the rez!!

Jumbo Shrimp – $4.37
If you like our popcorn shrimp, then you absolutely have to try the jumbo shrimp

Fish Nuggets – $1.99
Battered fish deep fried to a golden brown

Fish and Chips – $4.69
Take a trip across the pond with our Fish and Chips combo


  • Cheeseburger – classic American favorite
  • Hamburger – the progenitor of backyard BBQ
  • Fish – delicious Alaskan cod filet on a kaiser bun
  • Bacon Cheeseburger – needs no introduction

Sandwiches are $2.69, while sandwich combos are $4.99 and include your choice of French Fries, Jo Jo’s, Potato Wedges or seasoned waffle fries

Club Combo – $3.99
Ham, turkey and roast beef on your choice of white or wheat bread

Cold Cut Combo – $3.49
Ham, bologna and salami on your choice of white or wheat

Ham – $3.79
Sliced ham on your choice of white or wheat

Italian – $3.49
Pepperoni and salami on your choice of white or wheat

Roast Beef – $3.79
Sliced roast beef on your choice of white or wheat

Turkey – $3.79
Sliced turkey on your choice of white or wheat

Cheese – Personal ($3.29) or Family ($8.99)
Pizza with just our mozzarella and Swiss blend of cheeses

Pepperoni – Personal ($3.39) or Family ($8.99)
Classic pepperoni style pizza

Sausage – Personal ($3.69) or Family ($8.99)
Your choice of either beef, pork or Italian sausage

Combo – Personal ($3.99) or Family ($9.99)
Three different types of sausage, pepperoni slices, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and olives atop a layer of cheese

Breakfast – Personal ($3.99) or Family ($8.99)
Who said you can’t have pizza for breakfast? Egg, sausage, bacon and cheese all stacked on top of Piccadilly’s cheese sauce

Salads start at $2.69 and include lettuce, tomato, cheese and your choice of meat. Extra toppings are $0.30 and are as follows: olives, green peppers, onions, jalapeños, mushrooms, baby spinach, pea pods and croutons.