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Wild Clubs - Blackjack Drawings!

Win prizes up to $400!

Join us every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting August 7th!

  • On Wild Club days receive a Wild Club game card when playing in the pit
  • Every time you get a suited blackjack in Clubs receive 1 stamp on your card
  • Write down name and Wild Edge number on game card
  • You must deposit your game card into the drawing drum before 8pm

    (must have a minimum of one stamp on Wild Club card to be eligible)

  • Game cards are only valid on date issued & drum will be emptied each day
  • At 8pm there will be 5 game cards drawn from the barrel
  • You will have 5 minutes to report to the pit to claim your prize

    (if winner isn't present the prize is forfeited and a re-draw will occur)

Winners and Prizes:

  • When the winner arrives they will get to draw a card out of the deck. If that card is a Club then their Fortune Chip winnings will instead be paid in cash.
  • Each winner will receive $25 in Fortune Chips for every square stamped on their Wild Club game card (maximum of 8 squares)
  • If a winner has four Wild Club stamps they will receive an additional $100 cash bonus
  • If a winner has eight Wild Club stamps they will receive an additional $200 cash bonus

**Must be Wild Edge member. Must have valid photo ID to claim cash prizes.