New Amenity - Mobile Sauna

Fortune Bay Resort Casino is currently building a mobile sauna that will surely impress all of our guests! I know what you are thinking, “What makes this sauna better than any other sauna?” Well, since it will be mobile, we will be able to transport it anywhere on our property! That means guests will be able to enjoy a relaxing sauna after a long day on beautiful Lake Vermilion. Imagine getting some much-needed heat after ice fishing in the winter. Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

Fortune Bay teamed up with sauna guru Glenn Auerbach from Saunatimes, who is overseeing the project. Glenn has given us so much valuable information in regard to building the sauna. Glenn’s overall goal for our sauna is to keep it traditional. “My goal with every sauna that I put my hands on is that every ‘Finn’ will leave the hot room with a smile on their face,” said Auerbach. As of right now, we are about half way done with building the mobile sauna. We are documenting each building phase. When it’s finished, we will post a do-it-yourself video on our YouTube channel to help others who may be looking to start their own mobile sauna. We will also do more check-ins from time to time on Facebook and our blog—so make sure you follow us on all of these social media platforms!