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You’ll love our Table Games!


Fortune Bay's main Blackjack Pit offers traditional and higher limit Blackjack with limits ranging from $3-$500. We also offer a separate high limit pit for your enjoyment

New Summer Hours:

Sunday 7am - 3am

Monday 9am - 3am

Tuesday 9am - 3am

Wednesday 9am - 3am

Thursday 9am - 3am

Friday 9am - 5am

Saturday 7am - 5am

*Closing hours will vary at pit boss discretion dependent on business levels

Fortune Bay also now offers four new exciting No-Rake games! Games include Free Bet Blackjack with limits from $3-$50, Trilux with limits from $5-$100, Mississippi Stud with limits from $1-$10, and Let it Ride with limits from $1-$10.

The high limit tables will be open from 5pm until 2am both Friday and Saturday. These tables feature 4 deck games with minimums from $15-$50 and maximum bets up to $500 per hand!

  • See the Blackjack pit for more information. Must be a Wild Edge member to participate in the promotions.

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Early Bird Blackjack Specials

Join us Monday-Thursday for our Early Bird specials!

  • Monday-Thursdays from open until 5pm
  • Suited 678 of Clubs wins $500 Fortune Chips
  • Suited 777 of Clubs wins $1,000 Fortune Chips

Sizzling Summer Blackjack Tournament

Wednesday nights @ 6pm starting June 6!

  • Weekly $1,000 Blackjack tournaments
  • Entry fee is only $10