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Fortune Bay's main Blackjack Pit offers traditional and higher limit Blackjack with limits ranging from $3-$500. We also offer a separate high limit pit for your enjoyment.

Fortune Bay also now offers five new exciting No-Rake games! Games include Free Bet Blackjack with limits from $3-$50, Trilux with limits from $5-$100, Mississippi Stud with limits from $1-$10, and Ultimate Texas Hold'em with limits from $1-$10.

The high limit tables will be open from 5PM until 2AM both Friday and Saturday. These tables feature 4 deck games with minimums from $15-$50 and maximum bets up to $500 per hand.

See the Blackjack pit for more information. Must be a Wild Edge member to participate in promotions.


 SUN - THURS: 12PM - 12AM

  FRI - SAT: 12PM - 2AM

 *Closing hours will vary at pit boss discretion dependent on business levels

Big Stack Blackjack

March 21, 2021 - 12PM-11:59PM

  • Get 2 blackjacks in a row and you will win $20 in Fortune chips
  • Get a 3rd blackjack and you will win $40 in Fortune chips
  • If the dealer gets 2 blackjacks in a row, the whole table wins $5 in Fortune chips
  • Double down on any first two cards, except when card value equals “21”.
    • Player must receive one card when doubling down.
  • A Blackjack pays 3 to 2 odds.
  • Dealer must hit soft 17.
  • Player can bet up to one-half of their original wager on the insurance line when dealer’s up card is Ace.
    • Winning insurance pays 2 to 1.
  • Cards may be split up to three times for a total of four hands. (This includes Aces)
    • Players must receive at least one card per hand when splitting pairs.
    • Players will only receive one card when splitting Aces, unless they get another Ace, then player can elect to split again up to three times.
    • Players cannot double down after splitting Aces.
  • Players can play three spots, each at the table minimum. (If space is available)
  • No Blackjack wager may be changed after the first card is dealt
  • Players can draw cards additional cards until they break or reach a hard or soft total of 21.
  • No abusive behavior or foul language will be tolerated toward other customers, or employees.
  • If no player accepts the cut, the dealer shall cut the cards
  • Players are responsible for counting their point totals.
  • Cards cannot be handled by the players.
  • Blackjack players must be 18 years old.
  • Players must use hand signals.
    • Players must clearly tap the table felt with hand to receive a hit card.
    • Players must clearly wave their hand above felt to stand on hand.
  • Players may not give other players unsolicited advice.
  • Only English may be spoken while playing.
  • No spittoons at table.
  • Only house chips are allowed.
  • No cash play or credit play.
  • Talking or texting at the tables is allowed unless it slows down the course of play on the game.
  • No video recording is allowed.
  • Management reserves the right to back off any player from the games.
  • Solicitation of other guests is strongly discouraged.
  • All other house rules apply.

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