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Fortune Bay's main Blackjack Pit offers traditional and higher limit Blackjack with limits ranging from $5-$500.

See the Blackjack pit for more information. Must be a Wild Edge member to participate in promotions.




SUN: 12PM - 2AM

*Closing hours will vary at management discretion dependent on business levels


Every wednesday

Starting @ 6 pm

$25 Entry + $10 Optional Add-on

every Friday & Saturday


4 Table Pit for Music, Games, & Prizes!

Up to $1,500 in Cash & Chips Every Weekend! 

  • Blackjack players must be at least 18 years old.
  • Only English may be spoken when playing.
  • Only Fortune Bay Chips are allowed.
  • Only one player can play a hand. Piggybacking is not allowed.
  • Players can play up to three spots, each at table minimum. (If space is available)
  • No blackjack wager can be placed after the first card is dealt.
  • A blackjack pays 3 to 2.
  • Dealer must hit soft 17.
  • If no player accepts the cut, the dealer shall cut the cards.
  • Players can draw additional cards until they break or reach a total of 21.
  • Players are responsible for counting their point totals.
  • Players cannot handle or touch cards.
  • Players must use hand signals.
  • Double down on any two cards for any amount up to the original wager, except when the card value equals 21.
  • Pairs can be split up to 3 times, for a total of 4 hands (including aces). Each additional split hand must have a wager equal to the original bet. Players may double down on any two cards after splitting, with the exception of aces in which only one card is given.
  • Players may elect to place an insurance wager for any amount up to half of their original bet when an ace is showing. All insurance bets pay 2 to 1.
  • No spittoons are allowed at the table.
  • No cash play, credit play, or proposal wagers are allowed.
  • Talking or texting at the table is allowed unless it slows down the course of play on the game. No video recording is allowed.
  • Solicitation of guests or employees is not allowed.
  • No abusive behavior or foul language will tolerated toward other players or employees.
  • Management reserves the right to back off any player from the game.
  • All other house rules apply. 

Tournament begins @ 6PM

$100 Buy In + Optional $10 add on for an extra 500 in tournament chips

$10 optional rebuys during qualifying round play for an extra 1k in tournament chips.  Rebuy chips must be paid back at the end of the round.

$25 Re-Entry + Optional $10 add on for an extra 500 in tournament chips.  (Discounted re-entry after first $100 initial Buy In.)


Tournament Rules

  • Registration will begin one hour prior to the start of the tournament and will remain open until the beginning of the last Qualifying round.
  • Players playing at a live blackjack table will have priority to register before registration officially opens.
  • There will be a 10% Tournament Fee for this tournament. This will apply to Tournament Buy Ins and Re-Entries only.
  • Seating positions will be assigned by the Tournament Director.
  • First base will be drawn with the high card and then rotated thereafter.
  • Each player will receive 500 tournament chips for each round. An additional 500 will be available in Qualifying Rounds for a $10 Dealer Appreciation Fee.
  • Chips won do not advance to the next round.
  • Table Limits will be 25 – 500. All bets will be in increments of 25.
  • Twenty-One hands will be dealt for each round. Rebuys will be available until the end of the 18th hand of each qualifying round.
  • Blackjacks pay 2:1.
  • No insurance will be offered.
  • Players must bet every hand.
  • If a player is late for their round they will be penalized a 25 chip per hand for the first seven hands. Unless a player arrives before the start of the eighth hand, the player will be forfeited.
  • If necessary, ties will be broken by a playoff of three hands to determine place winner. Play will continue with same chip amount retained when tie occurred.
  • Once a player has been eliminated from a round, they will have the option to re-enter another qualifying round for a $25 Re-entry fee. There will also be the option to purchase an additional 500 tournament chips for a $10 Dealer Appreciation Fee.
  • Number of Qualifying Rounds, number of players per table and number of players qualifying for the next round will be determined by the number of participants and at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • The 18th hand of the semi-final and final rounds will be a mystery hand. Players will be able to bet 25 to All In.  Double downs during the mystery hand must be full double down bets. Doubling for less will not be allowed.
  • Players must have enough chips to cover doubles and splits during the mystery hand. Players will be subject to forfeiture if they don’t have enough chips to do so.
  • Betting out of turn is permitted; however, after a bet is made it cannot be changed (whenever player’s hand is removed).
  • All chips must be kept in full view at all times. No handling of chips will be allowed during play.
  • One player per hand, one spot per player. “NO COACHING ALLOWED.”
  • “English Only” during tournament play.
  • Clear hand signals are required. All hand signals are binding and final.
  • All other Fortune Bay Resort Casino Blackjack Rules and Regulations will apply.
  • Any disputes or errors will be adjusted or corrected by the Tournament Director and are final. (NO MISDEALS ARE ALLOWED DURING TOURNAMENT PLAY)

Fortune Bay Resort Casino reserves all rights.  Must be 18 years of age.  The casino reserves the right to change, alter, revise, or cancel any promotions and/or rules without notice.  Collection of all prizes will be the responsibility of the winner.

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