Bring your best poker face to the Bay

The poker room offers a variety of “spread limit” games and tournaments so you are sure to find what you are looking for. Play Texas Hold 'Em with old friends and meet some new ones!


THU & FRI: 4PM - Close

SAT: 12PM - Close


july 6, 4PM

$120 Buy-In + Optional $20 Add-On

july 20, 4pm

$60 Buy-In + Optional $10 Add-On

Saturdays in july

12PM - 4PM & 8PM - 2AM

Early session: High Hand of the Hour

Winners automatically win $50, with a chance to multiply the win up to 5x!

Late session: High Hand of the Night

Highest Hand wins $500!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In all cash games, the house will collect a 10% rake, with a max of $4 per hand on all games offered.
  • In all jackpot eligible games, the house will collect $1 for every $15, with a max of $2 per hand. This fee goes into the player pool.
  • A form 1099 is filed for all payouts over $600, excluding table winnings.
  • A form W2G withholding is filed for all poker tournaments with a payout (buy-in deducted) at or over $5000.
  • Any foreign player that wins more than $600 will be required to fill out a 1042-S form and abide by rules of that 1042-S
  • No tobacco use is permitted in the poker room, including vapes, chewing tobacco, and e-cigarettes.
  • English will be the only language permitted in the poker room.
  • Players are not allowed to eat at the poker table.
  • Cash does not play.
  • Only one player per hand.
  • Players must keep their cards and chips in view at all times.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to protect their cards at all times.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to protect their own action at all times by stopping the action before two or more players act behind them. If a player fails to protect their action, their hand remains live but forfeit their right to make a bet, in turn.
  • All out of turn bets will be binding if the action doesn’t change when play is corrected.
  • Any bet must be made in one forward motion. Angle shooting is not permitted.
  • String bets or string raises are not permitted.
  • Rabbit hunting is not permitted.
  • Verbal declaration in turn is binding (check, raise, fold, or call).
  • Any unfair “table talk” about a hand in progress is not permitted.
  • Abusive language or behavior is not permitted or tolerated. This includes arguing, shouting, verbally or physically threatening any other player in the poker room.
  • Management reserves the right to require any two players to play at different tables.
  • Management reserves the right to make decisions in the spirit of fairness, even if a strict interpretation of the rules may indicate a different ruling.
  • Tournament Buy Ins must be paid before you play in any poker tournament. If a player is on a standby list, they can wait until they receive a tournament seat.
  • A 10% house fee will be taken from all tournament prize pools, unless posted for a specific tournament.
  • Players are responsible to make sure they have the correct posted starting stack for every tournament.
  • Players are responsible for protecting their hands at all times. If cards are mucked for any reason, those cards are dead.  Any chips that are already in the pot will be forfeited.
  • Players are responsible for protecting their action at all times. If there is substantial action (bet, call, raise, or fold) by two or more players behind your action, your hand is declared dead by the dealer.  If play is checked behind missed action, the player who missed their action will be forced to check for that round of betting.
  • Cards and chips must be visible at all times. Cards must be kept on the table.
  • Card protects are allowed but must be significantly smaller than a playing card AND cannot have monetary value.
  • Largest denomination chips must be kept in clear view for all players. If the tournament director feels a player is hiding their largest denomination chips, intentionally, a penalty can be enforced.
  • Any single oversized chip put in the pot is a “call” unless it is a verbal raise.
  • If multiple players bust out of a tournament on the same hand then the order of finish will be determined by their tournament chip count before the start of the hand. Highest amount down to the lowest.
  • Any inappropriate play is subject to penalty. This includes abusive language towards a player/dealer, throwing cards, excessively swearing while at the table, or critiquing any other player’s action.
  • Intentionally exposing a card is illegal. If the tournament director feels a player is intentionally exposing cards that player is subject to a penalty.
  • Players are obligated to protect the other players at the table at all times. Therefore, whether in a hand or not, players may not disclose live or folded hands, comment on any action before the hand is complete, read a hand that hasn’t been tabled, or comment on any potential hands on the board. “Table talk” can be subject to a penalty.
  • Fortune Bay’s poker room has a three penalty rule that will be enforced. Player will be asked to leave the poker room, for one full orbit, if a penalty occurs. For a third penalty, player will be removed from the tournament and will not receive a refund.
  • Chopping the pot is at the discretion of the players. All tournaments will be played until a winner is declared. All applicable taxes and withholdings will be the responsibility of the player(s) who finish in a position where filings are required.
  • “Talking chop” should not hold up play of the game. If the tournament director feels that this is holding up play for other players at the table, a penalty can be enforced.
  • Crazy Pineapple is a variant of Texas Hold 'em.
  • Players are dealt three cards at the start of a hand
  • After the round of betting following the flop, players must discard one of their hole cards face down
  • All standard House Rules and Tournament Rules will apply.
  • A $50 entry fee in required to patricipate, with an optional add-on of $10 for additonal starting chips.
  • Players start with 4,000 tournament chips (6,000 with add-on).
  • 15 minute blinds
  • Registration opens 1 hour prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Live games will be up to 8 handed and tournament games will be up to 10 handed
  • At this time, the Poker Room is not accepting calls to reserve a seat.

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