Bring your best poker face to the Bay

The poker room offers a variety of “spread limit” games and tournaments so you are sure to find what you are looking for. Play Texas Hold 'Em with old friends and meet some new ones!



Fortune Bay is not doing tournaments at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At this time the Poker Room will only be offering cash tables at this time.
  • Poker tables will seat 6 players at a time.
  • Yes, all players will be required to wear gloves while playing poker.
  • At this time, players will not be allowed to eat while playing poker. 
  • Fortune Bay’s Poker Room will take a 10% rake, with a max of $4 per hand on all games offered. For each pot that is $15 or more. $1 will be dropped for the poker room player pool.
  • Rabbit hunting is not permitted in Fortune Bay’s Poker Room.
  • Management reserves the right to make decisions in the spirit of fairness, even if a strict interpretation of the rules may indicate a different ruling.
  • Decisions of the supervisor are final.
  • Verbal declaration in turn is binding (Check, raise, fold, or call).
  • String bets/String raises are not allowed.
  • Any bet must be made in one forward motion. Angle shooting is not permitted and is subject to dismissal from the poker room.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to protect their own action at all times by stopping the action before two or more players act behind them.
  • Management reserves the right to require any two players to play at different tables.
  • English will be the only language allowed in the poker room.
  • Players must keep their cards and chips in full view at all times.
  • Cash does NOT play. The only time cash is allowed on the table is if it is about to be
    exchanged for chips.
  • Only one (1) player per hand.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to protect their cards at all times.
  • Abusive language or behavior in the poker room is not tolerated. This includes, but not limited to, excessive use of profanity, creating a disturbance by arguing, shouting, or making excessive noise, verbally or physically threatening any patron or employee.
  • Fortune Bay’s Poker Room is a tobacco free environment. Pipes, cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, spittoons, vapes, and e-cigarettes are prohibited.
  • Players are obligated to protect the other players at the table at all times. Therefore, whether in a hand or not, players may not disclose live or folded hands, comment on any action before the hand is complete, read a hand that hasn’t been tabled.
  • Management reserves the right to remove you from the poker room if they deem your “table talk” unfair to the game.

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