We recently reached out to many of our guests and asked them to participate in a survey for the Tamarack Buffet. We got many responses and appreciate your feedback!

We are currently taking all of these suggestions into consideration.

“Our guests can expect to see many changes soon,” said Executive Chef Kirstie Kern. “Many guests have mentioned bringing back ‘themed’ dinner nights. For example, Mexican food night and Asian food night. We haven’t quite worked out of all of the details, but we will be excited to share with you as soon as we do!”

Starting November 1st, the...


We are excited to tell you about what’s new in the Sunset Steakhouse for the upcoming winter season!

Sunset Steakhouse Manager and Sous Chef Lucian Whitney have been working hard with our Executive Chef Kirstie Kern to bring our guests the best experience possible!

Even though our renovation process was completed earlier this summer, guests will still get to look forward to additional renovations in the future.

According to Whitney, management is currently looking into changing the atmosphere. There is talk about potentially expanding the bar area and other atheistic...


It's no secret that Fortune Bay Resort Casino throws the area's biggest and best Halloween party every year and this year is no different!

To help you get into the spirit of things, here are our top 5 reasons you should attend Fortune Bay's Halloween Bash!

5. Halloween is Wednesday the 31st, but our party takes place Friday, October 26th so you can live it up in style and not have to worry about going to work the next day!

4. Our Halloween party is free and features live music by Kutdown! They really know how to wake the living dead so get here early so you don't miss any...


Just as they do for most of their work day, team members from resort housekeeping and janitorial flew under the radar Wednesday until their bosses paid tribute to them with a social gathering in the Cedar room.

Roughly 25 were in attendance for the party put on by Resort Housekeeping Manager Char Evans and Janitorial Manager Kevin Ferguson.

"It's a special day for all of us as we wanted to recognize their contributions to our company, and to also recognize them during International Housekeeping Week," said Evans after the party. "I was very pleased with the turnout and...


Fortune Bay now has a wide variety of exciting new table games! We currently offer blackjack, free bet blackjack, TriLux Bonus blackjack, high stakes blackjack, Mississippi Stud, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and poker!

The Ultimate Texas Hold’em table now offers a new side bet called Ultimate Pairs Bonus. This optional bet offers good odds and a nice pay back when it is won with your two hole cards! The bonus hands are - pair of aces (30 to 1), ace/face suited (20 to 1), ace/face (10 to 1), and pair (5 to 1).

If you like playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you will love Mississippi...


Mother Nature was smiling down on Lake Vermilion Thursday as the weather was absolutely gorgeous for the 5th annual Take A Vet Fishing event.

The event took place at Fortune Bay’s Lakeside tent. More than 100 veterans, including 9 World War II vets, showed up for a day of reminiscing with longtime buddies, while striking up conversations with newly made friends.

The Lake Vermilion Guides League is the driving force behind the event and they put in hundreds of volunteer hours to ensure that all of the veterans are treated to a great day on the lake, followed by a hearty meal...


Fortune Bay Resort Casino is currently building a mobile sauna that will surely impress all of our guests! I know what you are thinking, “What makes this sauna better than any other sauna?” Well, since it will be mobile, we will be able to transport it anywhere on our property! That means guests will be able to enjoy a relaxing sauna after a long day on beautiful Lake Vermilion. Imagine getting some much-needed heat after ice fishing in the winter. Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

Fortune Bay teamed up with sauna guru Glenn Auerbach from Saunatimes, who is overseeing the project. Glenn...

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1854 Treaty Authority’s Cultural Preservation Specialist, Marne Kaeske, recently took Bois Forte children from both sectors fishing out on Lake Vermilion.

Kaeske and her staff love to do this for the community as she is dedicated to teaching the children about their culture and how to respect the lake. Before they go out on the lake, Kaeske shows the children how to thank nature and wish for a blessed day. “While you put the tobacco in the water, say ‘Migwetch—Thank you for this beautiful day,’” said Kaeske as she showed them how to perform the ritual.

After their ceremony,...

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The renovation of the Sunset Steakhouse started in early May, and it is now complete. The inspiration behind the renovation came from our Executive Sous Chef, Luke Whitney, and Executive Chef, Kirstie Kern. They had a vision to make the Sunset Steakhouse feel more welcoming and inviting. “Before the renovation, the setting was very formal. Now, it feels a little more relaxed and family friendly. We took down the black wallpaper and added gray wood panels. This gives the Steakhouse a more modern rustic feel” said Kern. We replaced all of the lighting fixtures with new modern ones. In the...

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We decided to leave the heat outside and bring the Memorial Day barbecue indoors! The culinary and banquet staff put on a delicious spread of barbecue chicken, beans, creamy potato salad, watermelon, and a wide variety of desserts! The food was great and the ice-cold drinks were refreshing! Guests got to enjoy a great meal while listening to live music performed by Christopher David Hanson. We want to thank all of the employees for their support and everyone for coming out and enjoying their holiday weekend with us! We'll see you next year!